Friday, February 19, 2010

#5. Is technology for information, communication, or both?

The story of technology coming to earth and invading humanity is a passionate soapbox that I cannot step off of. I am concerned with the potential technology has to separate humanity from reality. I think that it is IMPERATIVE for us to discuss and be keenly aware of the rapid paradigm shift that we are all riding on thanks to the advance of technology in every second of our day and in every avenue of our lives. And I am amazed at how fast and without warrant it has become a necessity in our lives.

A friend of mine was at a parenting conference not too long ago and the keynote speaker was addressing the burgeoning issue of teenagers and even pre-teens and their accessibility to mobile devices (laptops, ipods, cell phones, etc.). The speaker was unpacking what is a healthy approach as a parent to monitoring the previously mentioned accessories and he made an interesting statement...

"Technology is for information, not communication."

Now I have a strong and definite opinion on that statement, but I want to save those thoughts for a later date and a different question. I will, however, say that I think this guy's point was an interesting one. It sounds like his position was that all of the good and safe aspects of technology sit underneath the banner of information. Meanwhile all of the evil, dangerous characteristics lurk in the shadows of a lifestyle that uses those same informational tools as our primary mode of communication. Interesting theory. Is technology for information, communication, or both? What's your answer?

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