Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#0. Hey there's nice to meet you!!!

HELLO world! How ya been? My name's Jonathan RIch...I'm 28 years old and I live in Atlanta. My wife is hot...her name is Callie and she's a labor and delivery nurse at Grady Hospital. She also happens to be pretty much the most incredible mother I know. If you wanna know more about that check her out here. And then there's my 2 year old...Josiah. He loves basketball, drums, and chic-fil-a & I had nothing to do with any of those interests....promise.

I grew up in a southern baptist church and I'm very grateful for that [don't judge me]. I play rock and roll in bars for a living...well for a partial living. I make up the difference by pastoring, building things, designing things, and mooching off my wife. I think dr pepper is nectar from heaven and my favorite restaraunts include [in order of preference] in-n-out burger, chic-fil-a, little five points pizza, chipotle, & fox bros. barbecue.

Now that we've played the get-to-know-you-game there's one more thing I should tell you...I've got questions. Lots & Lots of QUESTIONS. Sometimes they keep me up at night, sometimes they make people angry...actually most of the time. And then, every once in a while, they start a conversation that makes me glad that I ask questions. So I thought I'd ask YOU a question or two...the goal will be (cross your fingers) to post a new question every Friday right here at Then YOU come and read it. Get mad or angry or happy or whatever, collect your thoughts, and drop a comment. It's gonna be fun...I promise. Until's nice to meet you and I'll look forward to the conversation.

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